At California Roofing Install & Repair, we treat every Houston-area business we service as if it were our own. That’s the All Roofing difference — we understand the value your business has and how much you want to take care of it within a reasonable budget. We will work closely with you to find a solution from our range of roofing services that fits your business and budget’s needs.

We are always transparent with our pricing, and we’re happy to walk you through the cost savings of any of our roofing services, whether that’s routine maintenance, leak detection and inspection, storm damage, or the installation of a completely new roof.


Whether you have a warehouse that needs a new roof, a school that needs roof repairs, or any other kind of commercial roofing need, our professional roofing contractors are here to help.

Since even small commercial roofing problems can be very costly if left unaddressed for any period of time, it's best to contact an experienced roofing company to identify and take care of potential roof problems before expensive repairs are necessary.

If you own a commercial building, regular roof inspections are crucial to heading off problems before they become troublesome. When you encounter the following problems, it’s time to call us.

  • Billowing, tenting, or blow-offs
  • Poor workmanship or installation
  • Commercial roof leaks
  • Warehouse Roof Repairs
  • Flat Roof Repairs
  • Lack of proper inspection and maintenance
  • Shrinkage
  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Ponding water
  • Damage from foot traffic on single-ply roof systems
  • Slips, falls, odd odors, or fires
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The commercial team at California Roofing Install & Repair is available to address your problems the same business day and ensure they never happen again in the future with one of our preventative maintenance plans. They include a comprehensive inspection for roof leaks, cleaning the roof to ensure the maximum lifespan of your current one, as well as making sure all materials are still good for use and swiftly replacing them when needed.

Generally speaking, your roof should have no problems for the first 12 years of its life if installed correctly. After the 12th year, however, there are several ways you can tell your roof needs repair or replacing include:

  • Leaks: When the roof leaks, it’s a clear sign you need to call a roof repair person to take a look.
  • Pounding: Where water pools on the roof and staying longer than two days. This is an indication of sagging.
  • Damage to Coating or Polymer: The coating will either look bald or feel slippery. Damage can also occur with accidental punctures or penetrations.
  • Blistering: Moisture becomes trapped within the roof’s layers, often due to poor ventilation.
  • Corrosion: This occurs when the metal begins to oxide and turn color.
  • Missing parts: This includes materials like flashing or fasteners that keep the elements out.

Botched repairs, lack of maintenance, and bad installations can also contribute to roofing problems down the line. It’s better to address these issues head-on before they become a bigger burden.



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Why Us?

We know that your property value is priceless and we focus on determining what affects it. As simple as a visible enemy till the main causative factor of your restlessness. Nowadays, water damage restoration can be avoided as long as all necessary measures were taken on time.

At California Roofing Install and Repair we have more than 35 years working in offering quality and qualified service. Because It is not just about tools and the equipment but professionals who have the experience to solve effectively and efficiently, always focused especially on client's satisfaction. Prevention will be always an investment determinant factor to reduce the risk level and our commitment is our best introduction letter.

Our roofing experts assess your situation and offer you the best solution available, using the latest information on the condition of your roof, weather conditions, and other factors. Our expertise and experience mean that our roofing services are the only ones in the country with extensive roofing specialties that ensure you get the roof you want and deserve when you call.

Finally, our reputation is due to the guarantee we give to our clients with results in record time and affordable prices.


  • .I am writing this review for every building owner out there that is looking for a reliable commercial roofing company.  I highly recommend them because of their innovation, great follow-through communication, and kindness.  We were also very impressed with their guarantee! A hard-working crew with very competitive prices.
    Riley Jones
  • I hired California Roofing Install and Repair for a full roofing replacement. They removed my old crappy roof and did a new roof installation in just four weeks! They are professional workers, they charged me exactly what we had initially agreed on and were very friendly with my roommates. They also did some siding replacement to prevent future problems. Best roofing service in L.A!
    Payton Hillman
  • They installed a brand new roof in my grandmother's house because it was an old leaking roof. They are professional workers, they even cleaned up after themselves as well as making it appear there was never ever any type of infiltrations in the first place. These guys do a remarkable job. They even took care of the wood exterior siding where the infiltrations had been and gave me some really good advice on how to prevent it. Ideal roofing service!  
    Casey Johnson